Dear Friend,

I have one goal in mind when I leave my family in Creek County to travel to the state Capitol: to bring long-term structural reforms for our state. It’s an opportunity to set the state on a more stable path for our kids and grandkids. Even as a first-term state senator, I saw progress toward this goal.

There’s always a lot of talk at the Capitol. However, in the midst of considerable grandstanding, I put my head down and got to work. Talk does not make change and empty promises do not make change. Changes are made through action.

Change is never easy, but I’m proud of some important goals. We finally balanced the state’s budget, ended corporate welfare, got rid of tax giveaways, and finally provided the largest teacher pay raise in history.

I’ve been in the Senate for less than two years, but there’s more to be done. Please join our team, so we can get Oklahoma set and ready for its best future.

Standing against the status quo, nobody works harder for you than I do.

I ask for your vote, so I can continue to set Oklahoma on a firmer path for us, our kids and our grandkids.


James Leewright