James Leewright Stands Apart from the Crowd

“Throughout the present budget crisis, all the talk has centered around raising taxes and revenue, but as your senator my focus has been on structural reforms. We must look at cutting waste, shrinking government, ending fraud and abuse, and establishing public-private partnerships that push Oklahoma forward.”

Performance Audit and Accountability Act

Sen. Leewright passed this important bill, which established a commission to conduct independent performance audits once every four years of Oklahoma’s 20 highest appropriated state agencies. Rather than relying on arbitrary across-the-board budget cuts, this commission will look closely at agency programs and services to see which ones actually benefit taxpayers and which ones need to be eliminated or reformed.

In the News… https://sapulpatimes.com/senator-pleased-to-see-agency-auditing-commission-work-to-begin/

Out-of-State Tax Collections Enforcement Act

James was the principal Senate author of HB 1427, which levels the playing field for local companies trying to compete with out-of-state firms who routinely sidestep certain state taxes. The bill directs the Oklahoma Tax Commission to form a task force dedicated to enforcing compliance on out-of-state companies doing business in our state. The bill will result in new revenues from nonresident companies, which have been enjoying an unfair advantage against Oklahoma businesses.

Public-Private Partnerships

An experienced businessman, Sen. Leewright believes government should operate like most businesses. Instead of creating large government bureaucracies, he aims to allow the private sector to do what they do best. That’s why he passed SB 430, which clarifies private-public partnerships in statute, giving the private sector certainty on how particular partnerships will function.